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Hi, I’m Karla Quello, owner of
Q Bodyworks.

I like to think of myself as the CFO or Chief Fascia Organizer or Co-Fascia Organizer as it is a collaboration between myself and the client. I have a passion for helping others to live their best lives! My belief is that it can start with a body that is free from pain, but also moves and functions in a way that is efficient and mobile.
My amazing journey as a massage therapist started with me sitting on my bed one afternoon contemplating life and what I wanted to do. As I thought about different jobs and positions I’d had—particularly one which required me to demonstrate a massage product—I quickly realized I had a sense for where people’s tensions were and just like that a light bulb went off over my head. I am going to be a Massage Therapist! Months later I was enrolled at the prestigious Swedish Institute in New York City. I graduated in 1998 and 15 years later I still love what I do and how I’m able to impact my clients to feel freedom in their bodies.
Throughout the years I have dedicated myself to bringing as much insight and technical skills as I can to the massage table. As I continued to work with my clients and provided rehabilitative bodywork, I developed a deeper sense of how different parts of the body connected with other areas. I felt I had to explore this insight further leading me to take a Myofascial Release (MFR) course, forever changing my life! This bodywork spoke to me on a personal level (see my story) and a professional level. I have had profound results that I have felt in my own body. This work goes beyond just the body. This work creates 'space' where it has been tight and pulled, to free a person to experience more in their lives. This is why I want everyone to know, feel and understand this amazing work.

Living with long-term, chronic pain for 17 years, I understand when a client walks through the door and says, “I hurt and I need help.” I have dedicated myself to receiving bodywork so I am always reminded of what it is that you, the client, feels while you are being treated. As humans we tend to give so much of ourselves. Many times we give so much that we don’t have anything left to give to ourselves. I am here to be YOUR support, to provide you balance, freedom and function through this authentic bodywork, which aligns your mind, body and soul. I provide client-focused bodywork for each person.
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Even from a young age Karla approached the body in a different way.


My Story

As someone who had been living with chronic pain for 17 years and as a Massage Therapist, I have been on a long road of discovering how the human body compensates for trauma, postural imbalances, surgeries, inflammation and repetitive stress injuries.

I think it’s crucial to share my story with clients as it provides insight as to what can happen with the body. How seemingly unrelated events can become intertwined and how the body then compensates three-dimensionally. This, in turn, binds the connective tissue within the body and restricts movement and causes pain.

As a quick overview, you have to understand fascia. Fascia is an all encompassing material, or web in the body, that is connected from head-to-toe. It has a lot of tensile strength and can put up to 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure on nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic system and organs.

This is my story…and recovery from pain.

For me, the pain came after a full day of playing tennis and bowling at the age of 17 years old. When I woke up the next day I was not able to move my right shoulder. It was quite painful in fact. The diagnosis: adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. My chiropractor suggested electrical stimulation. My shoulder and arm did start moving again, but I did not get relief from the pain. I would often go to bed with a thick layer of IcyHot and go to sleep. When I would take a shower I would use the shower head and turn it to the pulsating jets to massage my neck and my shoulder for some temporary relief. However, the key word here is “temporary.”

Once at college the stress of school and constantly carrying heavy books literally weighed heavy on my right shoulder and neck. The brutal cold winters of the Midwest didn’t help, and I would often find myself with my shoulders riding up to my ears to try and stay warm.

As the years continued my shoulder and neck remained tight and painful. I often felt that if someone would saw, yes saw off my arm at the shoulder joint, I would feel better. I remember during my early 20's my mom and I would joke that I had the body of a 40 year old.

Once I graduated from massage therapy school and was ready to work with clients, I knew this was the time for me to help my shoulder through massage. This was just the beginning of my healing journey and I slowly began to put the pieces of the puzzle together over the years of how incidents in my life affected my body:

• Dropped a hammer on my toe as a young child
• Tripped over a toy truck at 8 years old. Later that day my mom noticed a large bruise from my knee to my ankle that I still have remnants of today.
• Ran into a desk at school which left a mark again on my left leg in 6th grade.
• As a teenager I had several incidents where if I went for a really long walk, I could not walk the next day. I would have a deep pull into my right hip. The doctor did not have an explanation.
• During my school years I was one of the kids that was always retested for scoliosis, a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. I was later told by a doctor that I did have slight scoliosis.
• In college I had surgery on two of my fingers on my right hand.

So looking back at these major incidents from my life, I could see how these likely shaped why I had the pain that I lived with for 17 years. The pain in my neck and shoulder were actually a part of a much larger picture, exemplifying how the body is truly connected through the fascia.

Going back to when I was 8 years old and fell on a toy truck, I damaged so much of my left leg that it did not grow at the same rate as my right leg. So imagine how over the years my body had to compensate for this. Then as a teenager as my whole body was growing, my injured left leg would cause a deep pull into my right groin. Remember fascia does not show up on standard medical test, hence, the doctor couldn’t explain why I was having this pain. Don’t forget I also dropped a hammer on my left toe as a young child, which contributed to the postural imbalance in my body. The left leg pulled everything along with it, and in my case, also the sacrum causing the vertebrae of my spine to twist. I believe is why I also have a slight scoliosis.

So by the time I was 17 years old my body already had tremendous amounts of postural imbalances and compensation patterns that had developed. So on that fateful day of playing tennis and bowling, my shoulder was already being pulled from the twist in the spine. Now remember, I also had surgery on my right hand. Any scar is like the roots of a weed—it grows and twists into the body in ways you will never know. This incident just solidified, quite literally, the pain and 'straight jacket' effect onto my shoulder and neck.

It wasn’t until I took my first Myofascial Release class when we practiced the techniques on each other that the light bulb went off. The feeling of someone accessing the tissue that had been tight for over 17 years was such an amazing relief. The feeling of "Yes, right there!" when the other person was using MFR techniques felt so amazing to me. It took several years to see and feel how everything is so interconnected.

I will conclude with this: this work is POWERFUL! I can attest to it personally. It is much like an onion where there are many layers to work through. For me, Myofascial Release is a way of life. It has brought me not only freedom in my body, but has freed up the space that was tight and bound for so long to create an opening for peace, love and financial freedom in my life. I invite you to create a freedom in your life today, too.
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Education and Qualifications

The Swedish Institute, New York, NY 1998
Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

I am classified as a John F. Barnes Expert Myofascial Release Practitioner and have completed the following hands-on educational seminars:

Myofascial Release I

Theory and anatomy of the fascial system. Whole body techniques are taught to address and produce positive structural changes with clients that have acute and chronic pain and dysfunction.

Myofascial Release II

Continued advanced whole body Myofascial Release techniques along with advanced cranial techniques.

Myofascial Release III

This course is an application process upon completion of required courses. This course is designed for the practitioner to go beyond the techniques presented in course and delve deeper into sensory and palpation skills.


Myofascial Release for the pediatric population.This course covered evaluation and treatment of head injuries, cerebral palsy, birth trauma, scoliosis, movement dysfunction, neurological dysfunction, trauma, pain, and headaches.

Cervical Thoracic

Techniques are acquired for treating cervical pain and restrictions, carpal tunnel and TMJ pain.

Fascial Pelvis

Structural imbalances in the pelvis creates fascial restrictions thought the body. 90% of patients suffer from lumbar and pelvic pain, menstrual problems, cervical or neck pain and headaches that can be caused by pelvic imbalances.


The movement facilitation aspect of Myofascial Release. Techniques are learned to help the mind-body's ability to self-correct.

Advanced Unwinding

Techniques which expand upon unwinding and enhance skills.


Learned techniques to "confuse" the neuromotor system to help free the body of its bracing patterns. Since we are 70% water, rocking techniques are used to create waves within the body and erode the areas of restriction like waves along a shoreline.

Subtle Energy

Introduction to the system of Therapeutic Touch as the foundation for an energetic healing approach.

Skill Enhancement Seminar

One week internship with John and his staff at Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona, AZ.

Women’s Health

This course focuses on the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the female pelvic area and related structures and how it relates directly/indirectly with women's health.

Quantum Leap

Advanced Myofascial Techniques which deepen and broaden technical skills and proprioceptive abilities for the therapist.
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I would recommend Karla to anyone.


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I would recommend Karla to anyone.

I’ve seen Karla a handful of times for massage/myofascial release treatments. I personally hold all my tension between my shoulder blades, I feel an improvement right away, and for days following my treatment. Karla takes time to find out what your goals or areas of concern are for the treatment, following the treatment she gives you recommendations of things she thinks can help you. Karla is passionate about her career, and takes the time to continue her education in her field, I would recommend Karla to anyone.


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Specific medical condition(s) or specific symptoms maybe be contraindicated. The massage therapist is not a physician and does not diagnose illness or disease or any other physical or mental disorder. Massage therapy is not a substitute for a medical examination. It is recommended to consult your personal physician for any ailments that you may be experiencing. Myofascial Release compliments traditional medicine. It is, however, not intended to replace any treatment, advice, or recommendations of your physician.