What do I wear for a session?

You are invited to wear a combination of the following: shorts and a sports bra, two piece bathing suit, or bra and underwear.

How does John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) differ from massage therapy?

Imagine if you will, that your muscles are like a rope. For massage therapy the rope is rubbed, pushed and pulled. It feels good. With Myofascial Release it is about holding the rope and letting the individual fibers of the rope let go so they can move freely. It is quite common for the client to be able to feel the rope being affected into other parts of the body. For example, I can be holding someone’s ankle and they may feel it in their hip or even into their head. Everything is connected. The effects are long lasting. While at times the techniques may feel quite gentle, it has profound effects upon the body tissues. However, don’t let the gentle work fool you. The work may still have an effect on you even a day or two later.

Who would benefit from MFR?

Any human being. No really, I mean that. Every body is composed of fascia. It is from head to toe and is all encompassing. Everyone has taken a fall at some point in their lives. Add on top of that how we use our bodies day in and day out over the years, our bodies... coupled with any type of trauma emotional or physical plays a role into how the fascia becomes bound or tight.

Anyone that experiences chronic to debilitating pain where quality of life is affected. Often times MFR becomes a person’s last hope to get the relief that they have been seeking, only to discover it is what one has been seeking all along. Because fascia does not show up on standard medical tests, western medicine does not comprehend how the fascial system becomes the culprit in creating pain patterns that are not always understood by others.

Anyone seeking increased athletic performance. This could be anyone looking to run faster, lift heavier, get further into a yoga position or whatever your physical goal may be. The fascial restrictions we carry decrease the range of motion in our bodies and, therefore, decrease function.

Moms. Moms give a lot, and usually not to themselves. This is an opportunity to recharge your batteries. Take the time to realign your body so you can increase your energy so you, in turn, can continue to provide love and support for your family.

Anyone that has a “knot” that is always there. I am here to tell you it doesn’t need to always be there and that you can live the rest of your life without the “knot”.

What can I expect from a treatment session?

In the initial session, I review your intake form, listen to your concerns and what goals you have. I will complete a comprehensive visual and hands-on assessment. Based on this information, I begin your session where I have the ability to feel the areas that are tight and restricted. Each session addresses what is going on in your body in the present moment. Like layers of an onion, different layers are addressed with each session you have booked.

How often should I come?

There is no mathematical answer to this question. For someone in chronic long-term pain, I highly recommend coming more often in the beginning to allow your body to change. This is why I created the Quantum Health Program. I tend to find clients with chronic pain start to feel ease and some comfort in their bodies usually within 3-4 sessions. This also allows sessions to address the long-term held patterns in the body too. We are dynamic beings capable of constantly changing, and how we live our lives. This also means there may be times were you need to come in more often and times you will allow for your body to reorganize.

What if I am late?

Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you. If you arrive late, the length of your treatment will be reduced to end as scheduled, allowing the therapist to take their next scheduled appointment on time.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

I understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. I respectfully request a 6 hour cancellation for your appointment. Consistent no-show or cancelled appointments with less than 6 hour notice will be booked as walk-in clients only.

Do you accept Insurance?

Massage Therapy is out of network for medical insurance companies, at this time I do not currently accept insurance. However, this enables me as the therapist, to work on you in way that is empowering without being told where and how long I can work on an area. This is truly you taking your healthcare into your own hands.
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I have had massages at spas all across the US and abroad and can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that your myofacial massages have brought me more relief from chronic pain than any other.


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I have had massages at spas all across the US and abroad and can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that your myofacial massages have brought me more relief from chronic pain than any other.
Your professionalism and special attention to details and your craft are incredibly appreciated and sincerely missed. I used to go to Vegas for gambling, now all I can think about is going to Vegas to see you and get the needed relief, tender love and care you provide to all your clients.


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Specific medical condition(s) or specific symptoms maybe be contraindicated. The massage therapist is not a physician and does not diagnose illness or disease or any other physical or mental disorder. Massage therapy is not a substitute for a medical examination. It is recommended to consult your personal physician for any ailments that you may be experiencing. Myofascial Release compliments traditional medicine. It is, however, not intended to replace any treatment, advice, or recommendations of your physician.